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Camille Abate is a genius in the courtroom.   She combines an uncanny ability to connect with jurors of all identities, with a razor-sharp intellect and knowledge of the law.   Her ability to win “un-winnable” cases is legendary.   


Unlike stereotypical “trial jocks,” Camille is also a generous and effective teacher, with limitless patience and an ability to meet her students where they are and move them forward.  As a young public defender, I sought out every opportunity to serve as her second seat on felony cases.  Despite the wide gap in our experience level, Camille encouraged me to take ownership of the case, was receptive to my ideas and opinions, and included me in crucial decision-making. 


 Camille taught me that success in the courtroom depends on thorough pre-trial preparation.  With her unparalleled instincts and experience, Camille helped me learn to effectively review discovery, plan an investigation strategy, and develop a strong defense theory. She helped me develop tight, focused cross-examinations along with opening and closing arguments that directly incorporated and advanced our theory of defense.


In the courtroom, Camille shared her theories behind picking the right jurors for each case.  She demonstrated how to persuade reluctant judges to grant our legal arguments, how to effectively cross-examine even the most sympathetic of the prosecution’s witnesses, and how to prepare a client to deliver testimony with impact on direct examination.     Her closing arguments incorporated persuasive anecdotes and genuine emotion, which frequently left more than a few jurors in tears.


Camille Abate exemplifies exceptional trial lawyering.  With her mentorship and guidance, I developed the confidence and skills I needed to experience my own success as a trial attorney.  I highly recommend her trial skills training and trial support services.


-- Kathryn Miller, Clinical Assistant Professor of Law, Cardozo School of Law

I recently had to manage a complex legal challenge, involving multiple law firms across three international jurisdictions. Managing this case was not merely a matter of knowing the law: It was a matter of building a watertight legal argument by finding common ground across multiple countries’ legal precedent.


My attorneys and I contacted Camille Abate to assist us in this incredibly difficult legal challenge, and her assistance completely altered the legal dynamic and resolved the difficulties that had been standing in the way of our ultimate success. Her work proved to be the deciding factor in winning our case.


Camille Abate is able to get extraordinary results for both clients and lawyers – not only because she can distill complex legal evidence into a convincing argument and manage negotiations to get the win, but also because she can express that argument especially clearly and convincingly. Her advocacy skills, not just in the courtroom but also over the phone and on paper, are superb. Most importantly, she is a driven, passionate advocate on behalf of her clients. 

-- Nick Strauss, Head of Planning, Global Strategy Services, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

I have sought Camille Abate's invaluable advice and assistance in all aspects of criminal law practice, including pre-trial and trial matters. Her knowledge and skill are unmatched. As a seasoned veteran with extraordinary trial success, she understands precisely the mindset of both judges and adversaries, and knows which theories, tactics and courtroom strategies are likely to yield success. Her counsel and guidance have made it possible for me to prevail with positive outcomes for my clients. I recommend her trial support services completely.

-- Jerold E. Levine, Attorney at Law

Camille’s help was invaluable on a recent trial. Though I only retained her for a couple hours of voir dire strategizing on a difficult case, she provided much more than that.  Her knowledge of trial practice is truly amazing; but most important was her encouragement and support.  She was with me every step of the way.  My successful presentation was in large part due to her guidance (and willingness to take panicked phone calls!).   I cannot recommend her highly enough.

-- Meredith S. Heller, Attorney at Law

Constitution photo.jpg
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